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Listen to Infestation Here

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OUTSTANDING ALBUM!!! Thank-you for posting here....though I'll admit I found the album online about a week ago. I'm still buying a legitamite copy when it is available,

Besides the two singles, I think Last Call and Take A Big Bite are classics. I've been wearing those two tracks out! Actually, I can't find a track that I don't like. Lost Weekend and A Little Too Much are also rockers.

I think the secret here is "no outside writers", and sticking with mostly uptempo songs, and keeping the mid-tempo and ballady stuff to a minimum. Take Me Home is a solid, ballad-y type song though.


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Awesome guitar f'n great.
The entire album was great.
I'm buy'in this one for sure!

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Scatter should of been on there normal track list on the cd. :(

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ratt n roll good album .like the mix of skid row kix tesla and david lee roth in some of the tunes but eat me up alive best of me garden of eden don't let me go look out below are classic ratt. eat me up alive my new favorite ratt song beating out nobody rides for free and slip of the lip go ratt and check out new scorpions sting in the tail .it's a great album . love the songs good die young and lorelie

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Incredible! Can't wait to see them here in Baltimore on May 6th. I'll be at Best Buy on the 20th to get this CD for sure. Great work guys!

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all kill and no fill
classic Ratt
this is gonna be a monster

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The new record kicks some serious fuckin' ass guys!! Keep it together and come to Canada soon!!

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[quote=Jeremy Rosen]Album's out next week on April 20th, but you can hear it right now!

I can't get it to work. Bizarre. I just says it's loading, ready to play and nada. The time slot just says 0:00. Ideas?

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hmmm interestin

still workn fine here

on a HP laptop & cbl modem

don't know

RATT-N-ROLL Fellow Rodents

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Always great to hear some new Ratt. Now all I needs is an Aussie tour!

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[quote=Jeremy Rosen]Album's out next week on April 20th, but you can hear it right now!
[/quote] Thank You Jeremy! It's CRANKIN!

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[quote=Jeremy Rosen]Album's out next week on April 20th, but you can hear it right now!
On the player it says 1 of 2 of etc 11 tracks but only 10 are listed.
Where is track 11 hiding?

It does play on the player just not listed

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[quote=Fizzmon]No, still not working. It says loading, ready to play but nothing. The time slot still just says 0:00. I don't get it. I'm on a Mac that is relatively new. This is confusing, frustrating, dangit. [/quote]

You're not alone Fizzmon. It wouldn't play for me while at work today, and we use Macs at my office. I use a PC at home, and I have no problem. It's kind of annoying, because I was looking forward to cranking this to get through the busy day.

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@RATT-N-ROLLER: Hello! The Special Edition contains a track called "Scatter" The Others are from Rockline Live..."You Think You're Tough" "Tell the World" and "Way Cool Jr." I also downloaded the Best Of Me video!

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Perfect! Ratt 'n' Roll!

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it smokes from start to finnish

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@Popeyedrums: I have to disagree, I think Beau would have added to this project, to me it sounds good but not as good sonically as Cellar or Detonator which Mike Shipley mixed.

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First, thanks a ton for the streaming. I absolutely love it! Oh my goodness, I'm so ready for this style of music to be the mainstay again.

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Gave it the initial listen! I love how Warren shreds! Goin for 2.......I love Look Out Below! And the surprise!

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likewise there Rock Chick
Waitin on the special order also........

i believe they are live recordings from the "Rockline" show awhile back

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@Fizzmon: try reloadin the page its workin fine for me
just tried it now again - - workn fine

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Rocks from beggining to end! Time for RATT to rule the world of rock once again.

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For some reason, it's not playing at all. Help.

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And for # 3...I'm Insane!

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Great album good vocals and nice guitar moves me excellentsounds like ratt keep rockin man :)

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Got the email at work today......just got home.....sat down to jam......and no stream. What's up?

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YAY! The mailman just brought me my autographed copy of INFESTATION....And I get the special edition from Itunes...Hopefully at Midnight! You guys have just made my day! Thanks and RATT and ROLL ! :D

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I think Scatter is the best Track on the CD Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh ya the cd kix ass!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Can play the first track and that's it, seems the stream is down.

**Working now if you select a song and wait about 30-40 seconds!