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Eat Me Up Alive (2010)

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on 29.03.2010 07:46:07 PM
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New tracks rock! Hope they hit Indiana on the tour.

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Love the new tracks hope the whole album is this good.

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@that rocker: Absolutely... Congrats to the band for bringing back the music (and that awesome guitar tone) we want to hear. Spread the word, go out and buy the CD, pay for downloads --- just make sure we support the band with our $$$ if you like what you hear. It's the only way to ensure we get more of it... In the immortal rock and roll words of Bobbi Fleckman, "Money talks and bullsh*t walks..." Nobody of works for free... at least not for long! I hope Phoenix is on the tour map...

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Great song I have listened to the whole album and it rocks!! sounds like the classic Ratt that us fans love to hear. Make sure you buy the cd when it comes out we need to keep supporting our great hard rock bands from the 80s

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RATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for coming back. I've listened to you since I was in 6th grade!!!! My best friend and I still talk about you guys ALL THE TIME....remembering all the fun we used to have due to you guys!!!! I remember one Halloween we both dressed up like Stephen and Bobby....yeah, my friend looked waaay too much like Stephen...kinda creepy...but fun! :-D

Guys, seriously....I wish you all the luck. I just found out you'll be in Philly Saturday....gotta go and order the tickets.

I can't believe your back

RATT ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!1


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Well you guys still have it. That sound that fans of all genres of metal can appreciate, a sound that is unique and totally Ratt.

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Great song and album! Make a tour stop in Little Rock Ar, Or Memphis Tn!!!